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Zoom Meeting Etiquette & Tips

Over the last month all but two of our groups have migrated over to Zoom meetings.  After sitting through a ton in the last few weeks I’ve found some tips.

Zoom Meeting Etiquette (From Erica Smith, owner Your College Smith (Lex5 group):

Use the video option when available.
Stage your video area & keep your head in the shot.
More light is better.
Look […]

Great points from Mass tonight (on FB live)

Normally the boys, Meg, and as often as I can attend the Friday morning all school mass at Christ The King School where our kids go to school.  This morning we slept in and missed the Facebook Live broadcast.  So tonight on the recommendation of some of our friends we watched the mass from St. Barnabas Church (Bronx, NY).  […]

Referrals Group- Online Meeting Tips & Encouragement

As we enter into The Referrals Group online meetings for the foreseeable future here are some tips I’ve picked up from attending several other Referral Group online meetings in the last week.


Kids are welcome!   It is no problem for your kid(s) to be in the background or in your lap

When they need you, they need you. Let them say […]

How to Build Your Group by Ginger Terrell

By Ginger Terrell, Regional Director The Referrals Group Southeast
Reach her at:

We believe focus and attention should be spent on inviting the right people to the table. A strong group of like-minded professionals who can naturally refer business to each other is what makes referral groups work and enhances the experience for all members.

Attached is a worksheet that will help each […]

Tips on Staying In-Touch with your Contacts

You want to stay in touch with your customers & referral sources/COIs (Centers of Influence) because you want to build and maintain relationships long-term.  Referrals are the byproduct of the relationships we build.   Here some tips on staying in touch.

1. Have a process to stay in touch
I know a realtor who dials the alphabet in his phone.  He calls […]

Self-Evaluating your Referral Report

Watch Video

Groups often ask me to come in and go over the last 3,6, or 12 months worth of  referral data off the referral report and tell them:
-what do you see?
-where can we improve?

I start with the”Referral Report”for the last 12 months and look at these areas:
1- Referral Close % What is the referral close %?   For […]

Creating Urgency

One of my favorite quotes is, “Be quick but don’t hurry,” from John Wooden the famous UCLA basketball coach who won 10 national championships.

Creating Urgency   
Nothing gets done without urgency.  Shorter timelines providing they don’t compromise quality are often better because they create urgency.

I spend a lot of time observing what makes our groups successful.  I find that our […]

3 Things You Can Control in Recruitment

Things you can control
1-    That you invited someone
2-    You run good meetings
3-    That you follow a consistent process with all your guests and prospective members.

You can’t control
*If/when a guest responds, attends, is interested in your group, and if the rest of the group thinks they fit.  For those reasons don’t overthink your invitations.  Just invite.

Let’s break this down a little […]

How to prep for your meeting

Quarter 2 of each year is a busy time for our groups.   Over the last 4 years referral volume has increased by 34%+ from Q1 to Q2!  When things are busy in a group a few minutes of prep help make the meeting more valuable.  Here are the things I recommend you doing to prep for each meeting.

Prepping for […]

5 Steps in Giving a Referral

Our goal when we give a referral should be to always set it up as well as we can for all parties involved (prospective customer and the referral recipient).   It is important to try to set things up properly on the front end to avoid confusion and to make sure giving the referral makes you look good.

Here are […]

Adversity- How our Best Groups Handle it

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” – Former undisputed world heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson

Every group goes through adversity.  I want our groups to be able to handle challanges that arise with confidence.  Groups that don’t freak out or fold when something happens are our strongest groups.  Our strongest groups generate the most referrals, income, create […]

Holiday season is primetime for referrals

Holiday season=PRIMETIME for referral generation opportunities.

In November & December as you go to holiday parties, family gatherings, office parties, Christmas plays, year end banquets, etc you will see people in a more casual setting.   Conversations will start with open ended questions like:  

“How are things going?  What is new?  How have you been?”

Have a good answer for the “How are […]

Paradoxical Commandments

Paradoxical Commandments
Last week I was sitting in Friday morning mass at our kids school.  Fr. Paul’s homily was focused on Luke 7:18-30 about Jesus giving John The Baptist the benefit of the doubt.  It was a timely message for me.  The homily got me thinking about business, our groups, and the consequences that arised from times I rushed […]

Guest to Member….The 9 steps that typically happen

Watch Video

I get asked a lot, what are the steps normally involved in guests becoming members?  Or what should it look like?  Let’s run through the 9 steps that are normally involved .

1.       They Get invited
It starts with an invitation.  Guests don’t show up on their own.  Our groups operate by invitation only so everyone that visits a meeting […]

Run a Great Meeting

Back in March I talked about 5 key fundamentals that drive referrals:
Quick Recap on what those are:
1-Face-to-Face meetings
2-Attendance Rate (above 85%)
3-Mindset, focusing on help others
4-Run a Good meeting
5- Grow membership to your ideal size

A lot of new groups do a great job in areas 1-3, which are extremely critical to the foundation of all groups.   I hear from a […]

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