Be Specific

Other Tips
1- Also, I’d highly encourage you to check this video out: Be Specific Video 
2- Encourage you to reach out to me at   I’m happy to send you some great examples from other members &/or review your list

We talk a lot about if you want results from your:
-Face-to-Face meetings
-60 second
-Member presentation
-Focused Meeting handout

You need to be specific!  However, one thing I’ve found in working with members is that they just don’t know where to start.  Here are a few tips

Where to start:

  • Your Target Market
  • Top 5-7 COI’s(Centers of Influence)/Referral Sources by profession

From here if you are willing to do the work you can begin breaking this down.  Think of a funnel.  Our flow is

Places to find info:
PVA site
Business Search on Secretary of State
LinkedIn (recommend using advanced search)
Who is featured/advertising in community/business magazines
*Chevy Chaser, Southsider, The Book of Lists, other

Then let’s break these down more.  Your target list might look like

  1- Realtors
Love, but not limited to intros to:

People I want to meet: Connected to in group on FB,LinkedIn, other
Bugs Bunny, Broker at WB Real Estate (4) Billy, Sue, John, & Elizabeth
Shaq, Broker at Shaq Diesel Real Estate (2) John, Joey
-Larry Bird, top producing agent for Celtics (5) Jessica, Peter, John, Melissa, & Lauren
-P Mahomes, top producing agent for Chiefs Real Estate (2) Nate, Matt
-M Jordan, Greatest of All Time Real Estate (1) Scotty
-Willie McGee, Bart’s favorite & #55 Real Estate (4) Jake, Brad, Dan, & Joe

    2-CPAs: Repeat specific company/name process

Specific Targets:  Repeat specific company/name process


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