5 Steps in Giving a Referral+ COI/Intro Referral tips

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                                                                   Steps in Giving a Referral
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1-Do they have a need for a product or service one of your members offers?
 If yes, when possible share your experience
2- Ask permission for the referral recipient to contact the prospect.
Example:  Is it ok if I connect the two of you?”

  • If yes,tell them “I will connect the two of you.  Do you prefer to phone, text, or email?  You may want to check back in with them during the process to see how things are going.
  • If no,give out contact info of your member and say “is it ok if I give ____ a heads up that you might be contacting them?

3-Sent the Referral and Connect the to people

4-Check back with both parties to see “How did it go with _____?”

5- If appropriate share the feedback.

                                                           Steps in setting up COI/Intro Referrals

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Step 1:  Take a shot/Ask permission

Text sent 9:01AM from me to Charlie

Charlie-  I have a business/estate planning attorney  I’d like to introduce you to.  Is there value in this type of intro for you?    If yes, you ok with me connecting the two of you?

Step 2:  Connect them over email/text

  To:   “Tim”; “Charlie”     Subject:  Tim meet Charlie

Tim & Charlie- Talked with both of you today and I think it would be good if the two of you met up for coffee or lunch soon.  think the two of you might be able to help each other out on occasion.  Good luck and let me know how it goes.


Attorney-Estate & Business formation




Commercial Realtor



Step 3:  Follow-up

Check back with both parties to see “How did it go with _____?”   If appropriate share the feedback.

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