What have you been up to?

One of my favorite Education pieces from Bart that I can remember gives us the advice to have a valuable response when someone asks us, “How have you been?” or “What have you been up to?”

The response usually sounds something like, “not much,” or “same old, same old.”  Well, that’s probably:

  • A LIE – I know you are all very busy and interesting people with lives outside of The Referrals Group
  • BORING – Could a canned response be any less interesting?
  • A MISSED OPPORTUNITY – Instead of answering the same old boring way, think of something ahead of time that you can talk about. If you have had a recent trip, gone to a fun concert, started a new sport or a coaching position; these are all things you can talk about which can deepen your connection with that person.

Don’t be scared to talk about work!  People are willing to help you if they know what you are trying to accomplish.

Here is a real-life example:
Acquaintance at the pool – “Hey, I haven’t seen you around here lately – where have you all been?”

My Response – “Well we just got back from Florida with my family!  It was great.  We went to St. George Island and now we are getting ready for school to start.  I am really looking forward to getting the kids back in school so I can focus more on growing my business this fall.”

Then the conversation grew organically from there.  My response was truthful, sincere, and now that connection knows that I am trying to grow my business.

Group Activity:  Have a few people practice this for the group with how they will respond the next time someone asks what they have been up to.

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