Actions Items for your next meeting

After making a lot of rounds at groups the last few weeks I’ve noticed a few trends that the majority of our groups need to re-focus on.  With that said here are 3 actions items for your upcoming meeting:
1- Teach your members how to take shots for you….they have to know
-who your target market is
-your short term goals (3-6 months)
-specific companies/people you want to meet.  Bring a list of 15-20
Hit these 3 things in every F-2-F meeting, your presentation, and incorporate at least one into your 60 second commercial
2- Let’s focus on keeping our referral #s & revenue accurate.   It matters.  Show what you are!   
Too many groups are not logging referrals.  I was at one this week where they had 9 in the system, but talked about over 25+ referrals.  Then they turned around and complained about guest conversion % to members.  Show what you are….good, bad, or average!  It is the only way to keep it accurate.   Guests & members remember the number on the referral report.  Not the other stuff.  Keep your numbers accurate.  It matters.
   Remember to:  
    -log all sent/received referrals
   -update revenue, both one-time & recurring.  I suggest running the date out 4-5 yrs on recurring opportunities
   -Track referrals & revenue from past members, guests, spin-offs, & COIs

Referral Tracking Video guide:

3- Our meetings are working meetings

  – It is expected for you to be on a device during the referral & recruitment sections of the meeting.
  -Use the time together to make stuff happen!  Update referrals, invite guests, setup face-to-face meetings with members & guests, reach out to setup an introduction on another members behalf.  Make it happen while you are together.
If you have any questions on how or why to do anything please reach out.  Happy to help & want to put your group in the best position to succeed.

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