Actions Items for your next meeting

After making a lot of rounds at groups the last few weeks I’ve noticed a few trends that the majority of our groups need to re-focus on.  With that said here are a few actions items for your upcoming meeting:
1- Teach your members how to take shots for you….they have to know
-who your target market is
-your short term goals (3-6 months)
-specific companies/people you want to meet.  Bring a list of 15-20
Hit these 3 things in every F-2-F meeting, your presentation, and incorporate at least one into your 60 second commercial
2- Let’s focus on keeping our referral #s & revenue accurate.   It matters.  Show what you are!   
Last fall we had an issue with groups not logging referrals.  However, recently I’m seeing groups doing a great job at this and it shows in their energy at the meeting, overall producvitivy, and sets a good impression with guests.   It matters.
   Remember to:  
    -log all sent/received referrals
   -update revenue, both one-time & recurring.  I suggest running the date out 4-5 yrs on recurring opportunities
   -Track referrals & revenue from past members, guests, spin-offs, & COIs

Referral Tracking Video guide:

3- Our meetings are working meetings

  – It is expected for you to be on a device during the referral & recruitment sections of the meeting.
  -Use the time together to make stuff happen!  Update referrals, invite guests, setup face-to-face meetings with members & guests, reach out to setup an introduction on another members behalf.  Make it happen while you are together.
4- Have fun together…It is a great time of the year to:
-Have a chapter social.  Get out on a patio together somewhere for a happy hour!
-Run a spring contest.  We have a lot of templates & examples
5- Do something focused post meeting
-block 30 minutes post meeting to write google reviews (or other) for each other.
-block 30 minutes post meeting to get out a bunch of guest invites (3-4/member).  Guest volume is up this year.  It’ll work if you do it.
If you have any questions on how or why to do anything please reach out.  Happy to help & want to put your group in the best position to succeed.

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