Don’t Overthink what a F-2-F meeting is and driving referrals

1-Your referral report since your last meeting is kinda like a box score.  It’ll tell you how you played since the last meeting.   Let’s say you have 15 members in your group & had 2 guests at the last meeting.
Face-2-Face meetings should= # of members +guests at the last meeting x2    So at the next meeting it should be 20
(15 members + 2 guests x2)= 20
2-Don’t overthink what a F-2-F meeting is.  You know if you did or didn’t have one.  They can be a 10-15 minute phone call, a quick meeting pre/post meeting, but they almost always include both parties talking about:
-each others target market
-short term goals/need (3-6 months)
-COI’s/Referral Sources
*taking a shot to setup an introduction or the other person
*they do not have to be in-person and there isn’t a F-2-F police.  Nothing increases referrals like a high attendance rate & groups actively engaging in consistent F-2-F meetings
3- Referrals Report section…TALK MORE
Talk more.  Most members that sent the referral don’t talk enough.  Tell us:  How did you identify the opportunity?  How’d you tee it up in conversation & then connect the two of them?
Failures!  At each meeting someone should talk about a scenario where they tried to create a referral for someone else but screwed it up.  Get other members involved on what you could’ve done differently.  It’ll increase your close % as we learn best practices from each other
-Group Chairs….control the overall flow and pace.  Typically the referral report section should take 7-9 minutes overall

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