Avoid a Summer Slump

Every group has an attendance dip by 10% or so (usually late June/early July) in the summer due to vacations. It is normal. There are a few things you can do to safe guard yourself though from a summer slump.

1- Increase Face-to-Face Volume

  • Nothing drives referrals like face-to-face meetings
  • You don’t have to do them all in-person with members. Do 15-20 minute calls, quick pre/post meetings.

*I recommend sharing your BIO in advance. It gets the other member thinking about you prior to your call.

Recommended 15-20 minute F-2-F Structure
-Your Triggers to listen for/Target Market
-Top 5-7 COI introductions
-Any Specific targets you have
ACTION:  What can we work on for each other right now?

2- Focus on Your Chapter Goals 

  • Might be a good time for a summer contest as a chapter!

3- Reach Out to Guests Prior to Attending the Meeting

  • Our two best groups at recruiting both do a really simple tactic pre-meeting.  When a guest registers, a few members reach out and say, “See you are coming to our Referrals Group on (Insert date).  Look forward to meeting you and learning more about you and your business.”   It helps warm things up!

Other Things Groups are Doing:

– Contests
– Summer social
– F-2-F board
– Update/re-fresh BIOs

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