Interactive Education Spot- What Happens if you get 1% Better?

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                                                                     What Happens if you Get 1% Better

Interactive Education Spot:
1- Watch the video: Video: What Happens if you Get 1% Better

2- Group conversation (3 minutes max):
-What are 2-3 little things in your group that you can get incrementally better at that would improve the overall membership?
-What is one area that as a group you can get more process orientated?

3- Please share the areas with your Referrals Group rep
-We also encourage you to apply these questions to your own business!

Things we’ve recently heard from this exercise in the last week:
-Take more shots for introductions in F-2-F meetings
-Log all our F-2-F meetings
-Better dialog in referral report (How’d we identify referral, what was scenario, etc)
-Stop using group text for attendance
-celebrate successes more often
-write more google reviews for each other
-use the time in the meeting to invite guests vs expecting it to happen after
-more systematic in following recruitment process
-be more competitive
-measure our #’s better
-more prepared presentations
-get more specific in our asks
-increase COI referrals
-track referrals/revenue from alumni
-more focused F-2-F meetings +more phone calls
-invite more really busy, successful people
-set goals with a purpose
-get less comfortable
-use our BIOs in F-2-F meetings
-run a contest every 6 months
-cut some members that don’t attend and give referrals
-run a timer in our 45/60 second outros
-implement Business Resource guide
-get better at identifying each others target market/Things to listen for that= a referral opportunity

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