How we evaluate groups

Printable PDF: How I Evaluate Groups


50% Feel 50% Data
Do they like each other?

Do they run an effective meeting?

Are they working to help each other?

Does it feel like they are a team?

Do they make guests feel welcome?  Do they follow the 9 step recruitment process?

Do we have the right people here to make this work?

If not, can we go get them?

What do the numbers tell me?

Things I look at first

 1-overall close%

Good benchmark:  40-45%

2-Volume in pending referrals?

(I like 6-8 pending per member with at least 9 months)

3- Who needs help?

*Who is giving but not receiving? 

*Who is struggling to give referrals? 

Do they need education & help, more time, or are they not engaged ( poor attendance %, lack of face-to-faces, not organized)

 Good practices

  • Who haven’t you given a referral to in the last 4-5 months? Set up a face-to-face with them<
  • 1-2 social events per year is good idea
  • Talk about what is working. Highlight your success stories.
  • When you are going to miss a meeting, setup a face-to-face meeting with someone else in the group. It keeps you fresh and focused.

Another good self evaluation tool is the Rate Your Chapter Form PDF

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