Group Text/Email Don’ts

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A lot of our groups utilize a group text or email.  This are great for groups in some ways, but can be group killers as well.

Do Not use them for:   

Nothing, nothing kills meeting attendance like one member emailing or texting “I won’t be there”  Do not do it.  It creates a negative snowball affect.

If you can’t attend and are:
The speaker you should switch with someone.  Go the meetings & attendance tab and see who is coming up.  Switch with them.  Then, let us know so we can update the system.
Head chair, recruitment, &/or education chair let the rest of your team know and delegate your meeting tasks in advance.
Anyone else….it is ok.  You don’t need to let anyone know.  You get 2-3 absences depending on your bylaws every 6 months.  Use your absence.  You don’t owe anyone an explanation.

Suggesting we re-schedule the meeting date &/or move the meeting to Zoom

If you think a meeting should be re-scheduled/moved:
Bring it up at your regularly scheduled meeting during the group business section of the agenda.  I recommend giving your chair a heads up.

Re-scheduling on short notice makes your group less effective & sends the message to guests that you aren’t legit.  Avoid doing it.  The intent when we look to re-schedule is genuine and ideally designed to prevent a poor meeting.  However, it creates a culture within a group that creates unsustainable habits within The Referrals Group program.  Stop doing it.  We’d rather you have 1-2 bad meetings a year than create this habit.

Our goal is for our groups to have a set repeatable meeting structure with a set, repeatable meeting location, time, & frequency.  As a group set your annual calendar & plan ahead.  Most groups will only need to move 1-2 meetings based on dates that are too close to holiday, spring/fall break, the derby, and/or something else.

Our goal is to put you and your group in the best spot to succeed. A predictable meeting schedule that is prioritized on calendars is what has proven to work best.

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