What is The Referrals Group?

We create groups of like-minded, talented local business professionals with a common goal and direction. The Referrals Group isn’t a one size fits all program. Our goal is to attract and retain talented local business professionals and allow them to grow their network, business and support systems together.

What We Do

The Referrals Group creates a customized plan for each group because every group has different needs at different times. Every business owner, company and organization in the world has their own strategic plan for increasing their network.

How We Do It

We have structure, but not too much structure. Each group determines the characteristics of their members, along with the frequency of their meetings. Our meetings are one hour. Why? Our goal is to be efficient, effective, and dynamic.

What Is Involved

Because every group is at a different place in their life and business, we provide a repeatable structure and plan that fits their needs. You don’t out grow The Referrals Group. You and your members grow with it. Really…we simply get down to business.

Before you apply, you may want to visit a group or even two. We encourage it so you have the ability to meet the group members, they have a chance to meet you and learn about your business. When you are ready, we are ready to help grow your network!

Latest from the Blog

Officer transitions- Typical process

11:35 am

The majority of our groups transition the chairperson role on either January 1 or July 1.   Here is a quick guide on the process & role.  I also recommend checking your bylaws prior to proceeding. Typical process for new officer selection Nomination process:  @last meeting in November or first meeting in December (or last of…

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Avoid a Summer Slump

10:43 am

Every group has an attendance dip by 10% or so (usually late June/early July) in the summer due to vacations. It is normal. There are a few things you can do to safe guard yourself though from a summer slump. 1- Increase Face-to-Face Volume Nothing drives referrals like face-to-face meetings You don’t have to do…

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Attendance + F-2-F meetings= More Referrals

1:05 am

Keep attendance at above 85% & do at least 1 face-t0-face meeting between every meeting!   When you do this your referral volume will grow.  That’s it….the formula is simple. Attendance + F-2-F meetings= More Referrals  

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