Holiday season=Primetime for referral generation opportunities. 

Holiday season=Primetime for referral generation opportunities.

In November & December as you go to holiday parties, family gatherings, office parties, Christmas plays, year end banquets, etc you will see people in a more casual setting.

Conversations will start with open ended questions like:

-“How are things going?, What is new?, How have you been?”


  1. Have a good answer for “How are things going question?”
    1. Say:
      1. “Business is _________ because of ____________.  “Things are going______ recently I helped ________”
      2. Next year we need to do ____________to have a good year and hit our goals.
      3. Don’t say “Things are good or same old stuff”
  1. Listen more than you talk. You’ll find opportunities for yourself and others.  You’ll notice that you are in the middle of a lot of referral opportunities.
  2. Group education spot: Do a target market exercise in November so your group is trained on what to listen for in the upcoming month:
  3. Invite guests. Goal oriented business owners, sales reps, & producers are all starting to think about what they are going to do to grow their business next year.  Invite them to come in Nov/Dec and you’ll have new members who are good referral sources for you by Jan/Feb.

Don’t go into shutdown mode.  November & December is primetime to lay  the foundation for a great start to next year for your business and your group!

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