Creating Urgency

One of my favorite quotes is, “Be quick but don’t hurry,” from John Wooden the famous UCLA basketball coach who won 10 national championships.

Creating Urgency   
Nothing gets done without urgency.  Shorter timelines providing they don’t compromise quality are often better because they create urgency.

I spend a lot of time observing what makes our groups successful.  I find that our best groups generally have a sense of urgency about certain tasks and are slow & deliberate about others.  How they operate in these areas creates their group culture & identity, which is a big factor in why they succeed or fail.

They have urgency on:  
*they do these tasks at or before their meeting 
1-following up on referrals given/received
2-logging & closing out referrals
3-scheduling face-to-face meetings with members & guests
4-inviting & following-up with guests

They are slow and deliberate on:
1-adding new members
2-making any changes to how they operate

*I have one group that requires a prospective new member to have at least 4 face-to-face meetings & attend 2 meetings before they are eligible to setup an interview for membership.  It forces them to take their time getting to know someone that they might add to their team.  This practice might not work for all groups, but it works for this group in particularly well.  

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