Trouble Sending Referrals & Adding Value to Your Group

Trouble Sending Referrals & Adding Value to Your Group

The most common concern I get from members is, “I’m having trouble sending referrals to other members of the group” or “I’m not sure how I can help the other people in my group.”

I get this concern – I’ve been in their shoes!  As a former insurance agent and group member, I would sometimes receive a referral at the end of a deal, so I needed to be creative and proactive about how to add value to the group.  I have created some tips to help out with this very common issue.

  • Increase your Face-to-Face Meetings – This is where you will get to know your members on a deeper level and uncover opportunities you may not have thought of before.
  • Center of Influence Referrals (COI’s) – Not every referral needs to or should be a direct referral. See who in your group you have common COI’s with, pair up and see if you can make some introductions.  For example, a mortgage broker and title attorney may both be looking to meet realtors.  The BEST referrals are COI’s that result in a new referral source!
  • Support the other Members of your Group! Support the members of your group in non-referral activities.  Show up for their fundraisers, office functions and parties.  Share their LinkedIn or Social Media posts.  These are easy things you can do to show that you care about them and want them to succeed in all areas.  Be each other’s cheerleaders.

*Group Activity:  Share a story of a time a face-to-face meeting helped spark a business opportunity, talk about a great COI success story, or how you have supported members in non-direct referral ways.

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