Record guest month & Tips on recruitment

We had a record # of guests in the month of October.  That is great!  We had 28 more guests attend a meeting in October 2021 than in any previous month going back to 2015.  However, I still see groups over complicate inviting & recruiting.   So here are a few tips to keep recruitment simple:

1- Invite guests, but NEVER do an open invitation

  -Invite your guest to attend either of the next two upcoming meetings

  -DO NOT do an open invitation to attend.  You won’t remember to invite them again until the night before & then you’ll repeat the cycle

  -Then register them to attend your group and the system will handle all of the reminders (Calendar invite, reminder email, thanks for visiting post visit)

2- Guest to member conversion is high when:

  -Member attendance is 85%+

  -Referrals, revenue, & face-to-faces are logged

  -They fit your group culture

  -Make your guests feel welcome by: talking to them, thanking them for coming, inviting them back, & reaching out to schedule a face-to-face meeting to get to know them

3- When to ask “Are you interested?”  After the 2nd visit!  

  -After the 2nd visit the recruitment chair (or any member) should ask:  “Are you interested in pursuing membership?”

  -Our goal is 5 touchpoints prior to membership.  It usually looks like this (2 meetings attended, 3 face-to-face meetings)  Video:  Guest to Member Tips

  -If they can’t attend the next meeting but are ready to join, do your 10-15 minute membership interview over Zoom.  Don’t make them wait a month.

Good luck!  Every year we see a big influx of guests in Oct-January.  Now is a great time to add more great members to your group.

Good stuff non-recruitment related:

-Be specific in your next presentation & upcoming Face-to-Face meetings.  Guide attached or VIDEO  

-Plan a group holiday party.  Groups that party together, stay together

-Holiday Season is primetime for referral opportunities!

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