No speaker…No problem!

It is infuriating and disappointing when a member no calls, no shows when they are the scheduled speaker.  Sometimes it is an emergency which we certainly need to get over our frustration that we have with that member and see if there is anything we can do to help them.

What do you do in that meeting?   Usually there are two options. Either:

Option 1– Someone else goes on the spot.  One of the benefits of us doing bio/marketing plans when a member joins is that the all members can pull up the BIO on their phone/iPad (from downloads tab) for whoever is filling in.  If your group has a TV/projector screen you should also put it up there.  The value of writing those and storing them on the site is that any member can be ready to speak in 30 seconds notice and look prepared.  It isn’t ideal, but everyone group has 3-4 members who are talented enough to speak on 5 seconds notice and do a great job.  If you are the Chairman you might identify those members in advance & just have them ready to go as a back-up plan.

Option 2- In lieu of a speaker do this Focused Activity:
1- Active Referral check-in (8-10 minutes) 
    *Have all members pull up there active/pending referrals.  Go round-robin.  Have each member talk about 2 active referrals in their file.   Was it good referral?  Where is it at in the process?  Is more follow-up needed?
    *Can/Should the referral giver reach out for you?  Ex:  “I connected you with Julie with ABC Company a month or so back.  How’d it go with her?”   send emails/texts during meeting.
  *This works best when members take a few minutes during meeting &/or day before
2- Everyone tell us what top 3 professions are your best referral sources/COIs  (4 minutes)
   *Make a list as a group.  This a good area to target COI introduction referrals & helps you target potential guests for the group.
3- Have everyone setup at least one F-2-F meeting  (3 minutes)
   *Schedule with both members & guests.  Keep in mind face-to-face meeting do not have to be in-person.  Just focus on helping each other!
  **It is a great idea to focus on members who you haven’t sent a referral to in the last 3-4 months.

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