How to Prep for Your Chapter Meeting

Being prepared will make or break how smoothly your meeting will run. Here are the things I
encourage you to do the day before, or the morning of your meeting.

This should take no more than 10 minutes and can change the trajectory of your group’s success.

1) Review Pending Referrals – go through each of your pending referrals and close out any
that need to be closed, whether or not they resulted in a sales transaction.  See if you need to follow-up on any additional sent and/or received referrals and then reach out to any clients or referral sources that may need follow up.
2) Log any referrals you may have forgotten to log since your last meeting
3) Review your speaker’s bio in the meeting reminder you receive the day prior to the meeting and come up with a question or two to ask them during their presentation. If you have a testimonial for them that’s great too!
4) Review the Education piece – think of any ways you can help contribute to the
discussion around the topic that was presented
5) Prepare your “outro” or 60 second commercial for the end of the meeting. The best
commercials are clear, concise, and often contain a specific ask or success story.

If these things are consistently done by all or most of your group members you will have higher
quality, more engaging and fun meetings. You will present better to each other and any guests
you have!

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