Guests invites in the fall=Opportunities next year

Each year we add a lot of new members at the beginning of the year.  In the new member meeting they tell us that the reason they applied to be a member was because they wanted to use The Referrals Group as a new way to grow their business for the upcoming year.  It is part of their growth plan for the new year.

When we trace back guest visit history we find that November-December-January time frame is high volume time frame for guests.

Now is great time to invite.  Also, keep your invites simple.  Don’t overthink it.  We recommend a simple outline.

Inviting Script:   Send as a text, email, or quick phone call. 

I encourage you to use the new to meeting feature to send an invite.  It will auto populate an invite script into your email from your phone or desktop.Just hit this button from the recruitment tab: 

When they confirm “Yes, I’ll be there” remember to pre-register your guest:  Visit A Group


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