Attendance, Face-to-Face meetings, & Fall Guests

1- Attendance Matters…a few tips: 
-Treat your group meeting like a meeting with a client.  When all group members prioritize attendance the group tends to succeed at much higher levels.
-Do F-2-F meetings if with those not in attendance to stay in touch.  This thing is built on staying connected and nothing drives referrals like F-2-F meetings.
-Remember your group has an attendance policy.  You get 3 absences between July 1-Dec 31.  If necessary, follow your bylaws and remove a member(s) for exceeding their allowable absences.  If you don’t know where you stand check the Referral Report for the date range
-Our most successful groups average 85%+ overall member attendance.

If you know you are going to miss…find a way to still be on the board! It keeps people talking about you in a positive manner.  So…
-Log referrals sent/received
-Have and log your Face-to-Face meetings

2- Face-to-Face meetings/Presentations…As we going into the fall and holiday
Spend your time on:
1- Your goals
2- Specific Targets/Introductions you are looking for….bring us a list of 15-20+ targets
3- Remind us what scenarios to look/listen for to identify a referral opportunity.
4- Script &/or “role play” examples of how to bring you up in conversations ARE A MUST

Use your BIO but don’t get stuck just following it.  Dive deeper into these areas.

Remember your goal of your presentation &/or F-2-F meeting is often to identify and take a shots on your behalf.   If you need help with this…reach out to me.  I’m doing a lot of F-2-F meetings right now with members just helping them do presentation prep.

3- Invite Guests…we typically see an uptick in guests in the fall/winter
 -Spend 2 minutes at each meeting getting a few invites out.  Recommended Tip:  Recruitment chair text out the invite script and every member cut/past to one person.
-Then,  go around and announce who you invite
-or do an invite-a-thon happy hour where you Block time and have every member invites 5+ guests to an upcoming meeting….It will work!
-In addition to being someone new to meet and expand your network, guests always add value because you run better meetings and are collectively more focused.

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