3 ideas to implement this fall/winter

There are a lot of things that drive success within a group.  Almost all revolve around groups excelling at the fundamentals

  • Face-to-Face Meetings
  • Meeting Attendance rate 85% or above
  • Running good meetings & tracking of referrals in system
  • Excelling & not over-thinking recruitment

When groups have the fundamentals down then they often can dive deeper into a specific area to grow opportunities they want to improve in.  Currently I’m seeing our most successful groups dive into a few areas that are really working.

1. Theming your Face-to-Face meetings

We have a few groups right now that are encouraging members to do 30 minute face-to-face meetings with other members with a twist.  They are setting a theme.

Some themes I’ve seen:
-Go over your client process (July)    Video
-Goals & COI introductions (Aug)   Video
-Bring a specific list of 20 companies/people you want to meet (Sept)  Video
-Goals (October)

All of these are good focused, intentional conversation starters that drive opportunities.  You can also theme your education spot for the month with one of the videos above.

2. Doing a Focused Meeting

A focused meeting is one where a Referrals Group rep facilitates your meeting to focus specifically on setting up COI/Referral source referrals.  The fall/early winter is a great time to do these as a way to drive referral opportunities.

These work really well when all members come prepared with a list of:
-Specific Goals
-Top 5 professions that COIs/Referral Sources
-List of 25-50 specific companies/people you want to meet

We run the meeting & keep track of a task list of what members commit to doing for each other.  If you’d like to schedule one for this fall &/or early winter please let us know. 

3. Invite-A-Thon in conjunction with a happy hour

The idea is simple & effective to drive guests to your group.
-Set a goal of # guests a group wants to invite (usually 25-50)
-Setup time & location for a happy hour
Once there:
-order a drink.
-as a group spend first 30 minutes adding all targets in the recruitment tab (Add a Target)
-Then use the “invite” function from the action items tab

PRO TIP: make it fun & set a challange for everyone
Ex: One group challanged every member to send 4 invites before they finished their first round. It worked. They sent out 30+ invites while they were together and had 8 guests at their next meeting and have added 3 new members recently.

You can also apply the invite-a-thon premise to other group focus areas:
-working on scripts
-taking shots to setup COI/Referral source intros on each other behalf
-creating a business resource guide (see downloads tab for template)

Have fun & good luck!

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