Zoom Meeting Etiquette and Tips

Over the last month all but two of our groups have migrated over to Zoom meetings.  After sitting through a ton in the last few weeks I’ve found some tips.

Zoom Meeting Etiquette (From Erica Smith, owner Your College Smith (Lex5 group):  https://www.yourcollegesmith.com/

    1. Use the video option when available.
    2. Stage your video area & keep your head in the shot.
    3. More light is better.
    4. Look in the camera.
    5. Stay on mute when you aren’t talking.
    6. Don’t eat.
    7. The host should be the last one to leave.
    8. Be careful about chatting, but it is a great spot for a running log of questions for the speaker
    9. Remember the rules of in-person meetings.

From Bart:

1. Use Zoom to interview each other or promote webinars….I’ve seen a lot of FB live member to member interviews.  If you want a great example check out “Daily Echo” on Facebook.  Logan Nance in our Lex14 group has interviewed several members in 5-10 minute posts.
-This has been a great way to cross promote each other on your platform
-It is simple to do.  You just schedule a Zoom meeting and use the “record meeting” function.  Then you can save, edit, & post.
-I’ve set in on 2 estate planning workshops done by members

2. Use the screen share option for your:
-Speaker presentations
-Referral Report
-Recruitment tab

I’m sick of the term “new normal”, but the reality is that this has become that for us.  My complaining aside I think they are some things they we’ll use forever from this time that will help make us more efficient in the future.

For example I think I’ll recommend that we use Zoom moving ahead for:
-Some face-to-face meetings
-Membership interviews for prospective new members (in-between meetings)
-Interviews to cross promote each other on social media platforms
-I will use it for almost all of my initial prospect meetings that would require travel

I can’t wait for when we are allowed to begin meeting in person again!

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