Wanna Grow Membership? Get Better

Wanna grow?  Get better.

Groups tell me all the time that they want to grow.  My advice to them is sometimes counter intuitive.  I  tell them that in order to grow you need to do four things while simultaneously increasing your invitations to prospective members.

1- Focus on generating referrals for existing members
2- Run great meetings
3- Increase your face-to-face meetings with members & guests
4- Keep attendance at the high rate (above 85%)
    *Add on:  Be on time.  I see groups kills themselves by setting a poor first impression because all the members are late.  Think of on-time as 5-10 minutes early when you are trying to grow.

Do these things while you are focusing on growth and you will grow.  Miss 1 or 2 of these elements and it will be harder to grow or even worse….you’ll become a good recruiter for another group.   I get feedback from guests all the time.  Guests want to be part of a successful group that balances having fun and taking the time they spend with each other seriously.

When you combine all of these elements your prospective members will experience a fun, energetic, & productive meeting that is producing opportunities for the members in it.  More importantly, they will be attracted to your group and give you the opportunity to grow with the right people.

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