Setting up a Center of Influence Introduction…Keep it simple

Years ago I used to overthink setting up a introduction between two people.  As a result of over complicating it I didn’t do it as often as I could because it would take too much time for me to figure out the “perfect way” to setup.  Along the way I learned that if I keep it simple it I’ll do it more often and the two people I’m trying to connect are more likely to meet.

As we talked about in steps to give a referral:  There are a few steps to set up a referral properly that increases our success rate.  It is no different on setting up an introduction referral.

VIDEO COI setup tips

Step 1:  Ask permission 
Example-  Text sent 9:01AM from me:   “Casey-  I have a business banker from I’d like to introduce you to.  You ok with me setting something up?”
Casey responded with, “Yes, sounds great.  Set it up.”

Step 2:  Set it up

Once I have permission from both parties I like to use a simple format.  I mention that I talked to both of them and think they should meet.  Then insert two tables into the body of my email and cut/paste contact info of both people.  If you need to personalize the message a bit go for it, but remember a big part of your goal here is to keep it simple.  You’ve already talked to both people.  Don’t over-complicate it.

Date: Thu, Feb 2, 2017 at 9:28 AM
Subject: Beth meet Casey, Commercial Realtor
To: email addresses removed

Beth & Casey- talked to both of you this morning about each other and this it would be a good idea for the two of you to meet.  Good luck and let me know how it goes.

Business Banking
Contact info (phone, email, address, title, etc)
CaseyCommercial Realtor
Contact info (phone, email, address, title, etc)

Step 3:  Follow-up
I like to check back about 30 days after I’ve sent the introduction and say “How’d it go?”  I’ve found that I get more feedback by asking a simple open-ended question.  If it is appropriate share the feedback (negative or positive) with the other person.  

For The Referrals Group members
As a group, when you take a step back and look at your Referral Report
-A good benchmark is that 15-20% of your total referral volume are  Intro/COI referrals
-Take time to talk about how these introductions are working.  Have any referrals come out of the introduction?  What follow-up practices are each of you using effectively build the relationship?


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