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Groups often ask me to come in and go over the last 3,6, or 12 months worth of  referral data off the referral report and tell them:
-what do you see?
-where can we improve?

I start with the”Referral Report”for the last 12 months and look at these areas:
1- Referral Close % What is the referral close %?   For groups 18 months or older I like to see that # in the 40-45% range overall.
2- Pending Referrals- How many pending referrals do you have? Groups sometimes think a high volume of pending is bad.   Pending referrals=active opportunities.  That is good.  I love seeing 5-7/member.
3- Who needs help?  What member(s) are giving referrals (volume , close%, income generated)?  Let’s highlight them and spend the next few meetings focusing on creating opportunities for them.  You want to continually feed opportunities to members who are giving at a high level. Take care of them and they’ll take care of the rest of the group.
4- Attendance Rate  What is the attendance rate?  85% is good a benchmark. Anything below 80% is cause for concern.

Other benchmarks
-If you haven’t sent a referral to a particular member in over 6 months then block time to do a face-to-face with them.  Face-to-Face meetings often lead to future referrals.  Keep it focused.  If you need prep help read this prior to scheduling:

Here is an example of how I usually mark up a Referral Report.  I encourage you to self-evaluate at least every 6 months, but really recommend taking a few minutes in Group Business (5B on most agendas) once a quarter to take a step back and see how things are going.  It will make your experience better.

**WATCH** How to Evaluate Your Group:

How to evalutate example