Remember to….

Have you…..

1- Logged all referrals that?
-spun off from a received referral or referral source intro
-came from a visitor (log the referral from member who brought that guest)

2- Setup face-to-face meetings with?
-your top referral source in the group
-members you haven’t received a referral from in 4-5 months
-members you haven’t sent a referral to in 4-5 months

3- Invited a guest recently?
-Don’t overthink invites.  Guests bring additional value/energy to the meeting regardless of whether they might fit as a member
-keep your invites simple.
-add people you invite to the “Recruitment” tab

4- Updated/Closed out referrals?
-remember to add notes/update the referral giver
-Add additional revenue generated from referrals already closed or recurring revenue

5- Added all upcoming meetings for the next year to your calendar
-Remember don’t schedule over your meetings.
-When you treat the meeting like a meeting with a client

6- Prepared for your upcoming presentation
-If no, here are a few tips:

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