Reaching your ideal membership size

A-     What is your ideal membership size?                                                                            _____
B-     Factor in attrition (20% annually)                                                                                 * 1.2
                                                                                                                 Total (A*1.2)       =   _____
C-     What is your current membership size?                                                                      -_____
                                                                                                                   Total (SUM -C)    = _____                 
for every 7 names in the recruitment tab that you’ve invited 1 will become a member. 
D-     How many invites do we need to achieve this growth?        
                                                                                                         #invites= (Line C x7)   _____

Inviting is easy!  Send as a text, email, or quick phone call. “I work with a few other local business professionals.  We help each pass referrals, share marketing ideas, and discuss business.  I think you might enjoy our format.   Will you come as my guest on _______?”*Keep Recruitment tab updated.  Add, Edit, Remove, & add notes regarding prospective targets

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