What Should I do for my Next Presentation?

I often get asked, “What do you recommend I focus on for my next presentation in my group?”

Over the last decade I’ve seen a lot of great presentations.  I’ve seen a lot of poor ones as well, and  I’ve noticed some themes and topics that have consistently been more effective.

Begin with the end in mind.   The most effective presentations I’ve seen normally have one of these 5 common themes (or a mix of them).

  1. Create awareness about a specific product or service you offer.
  2. Ask for help getting referrals to specific companies or people, introductions to centers of influence, fill a seminar or event, and ideas for a new marketing approach.
  3. Let people get to know you, your product, and how you work.
  4. Seek Advice
  5. Go over specific activities we can do to generate you business.  This normally includes scripts and templates you can use to create opportunities for each other.

All effective presentations in The Referrals Group setting should generate questions from your audience, a few referral opportunities, and a face-to-face from a member wanting to learn more or help you out.  Presentations=opportunity.  Don’t throw that opportunity away by being unprepared.

If you need help prepping for an upcoming presentation, please don’t hesitate to reach out.   I have met with one realtor  prior to every presentation he has done.  Last year we met twice.  I loved helping him prep and getting to know him better.  I’m happy to do the same with you.

I’d also encourage you to check out our prep video on effective presentations. In this video, I  give examples and stories that can help you prepare.
Here is the link:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1XNUmhCbT8&t=237s

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