How to prep for your meeting

Here are the things I recommend you doing to prep for each meeting.  Prepping for 3 minutes will get you mentally engaged and thinking about how you can add value at the upcoming meeting. When all members do a little prep it usually makes the meeting more valuable and drives engagement.

Pre Meeting Checklist
1-Log and update any referrals in system.   Remember:

  • Referrals from past members, guests, COI/Intros, & recurring revenue
  • Add your Face-to-Face meetings with members & guests

2-Read Meeting Reminder email

  • See who and how many guests are coming.  Plan accordingly.
  • Glance over speaker marketing plan that is attached in the reminder email. Come up with 1-2 questions to ask them.

3-Add, Edit, or add notes to any prospective guests in the Recruitment tab
Pre-register any additional guests

If you do only only do one of these 4 things….take a moment to read over the BIO for the speaker and come up with a few questions for them.  It will get you thinking about how to refer to them and get other members doing the same thing!

Our goal is for our meetings to have value and to be an efficient use of time for our members who tend to be busy, successful professionals.

The meeting reminder email comes out at 9:00am the day prior to your meeting and goes to all members & registered guests.  

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