Podcast: Top 10 Take-a-ways from Podcast-Ginger Terrell (TN Referrals Group Market Leader)

My Top 10 Take-a-ways from the Podcast with Ginger Terrell- The Referrals Group along with Ashley Young who started CHA3-The Referrals Group & Clint Powell- the host.  I encourage you to listen and share additional insights you got from this fun, productive podcast.
1.  Listen more than you pitch.  It will allow you to be a connector and do what is right.
2.  The Referrals Group gives us flexibility, but with flexibility comes responsibility & accountability.  You have to be willing to do it the right way.
    *Don’t make excuses.  Put yourself in the best place to succeed, do the right things, and trust the process.
3.  Because The Referrals Group offers groups autonomy to set meeting day, time, frequency, and some autonomy within the agenda it is important to occasionally “HIT THE PAUSE BUTTON” to focus a member that needs help with something in their business.
4.  A good group is more than transactional based.  They will circle the wagons to help those that need help.
5.  The numbers matter.  Track everything.  Their must be ROI or you will lose your best people.
     *If you ask someone to poor time into you.  You better be willing to do it for them and help them grow.
6.  Use the group as another way for you to create your own personal/professional board of directors
7.  Trust the model and process.  Especially when it is a little uncomfortable.
8.  As humans, we crave authenticity and not just agenda driven meetings, interviews, etc.
9.  When you are in the boat don’t go so fast that you fall out and the river just “take you”.  Row with a purpose.  Those in the boat should be your board of directors.  Otherwise when you fall out….you’ll just go with where the river takes you.
10. Group Observation from Ashley’s initial visit prior to starting her own group:
    *The group she observed wasn’t checking off a box as in “Welp, I went to my networking meeting today.  I’m good now!”  They were intentional about their actions.


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