Mailbag v 3

Question #1:  (to log or not?)  

I changed all my property and casualty insurance over to (Member Name) three months ago.  At that time I “referred myself” to him in the system.  Now I’m buying another rental house and I’ll be getting another policy from him to cover it.   Should I “refer myself” to him again?  Or since I’m already one of his customers, should I just buy the policy and not make mention of it in the referrals section of the website?  I’m fine either way.  Just interested in what you recommend.  Then I’ll do what you recommend.

My response:   In this case I’d recommend you refer yourself again, because it allows you to talk about/highlight the insurance agent & the range of policies he writes.

Question #2:  (tracking Face-to-Face meetings with guests)
I’m still trying to get my recording habits down.   I had a face-to-face lunch today with a guest who visited at our last meeting.  Am I supposed to record that somewhere?   And is there a best practice for something else I should do after a meeting like that?

My response: 
Yes log face-to-face meetings with guests.  You do it in Recruitment tab.  Once there hit “Edit” & add notes next to the guest name.   (Ex: ____had F-2-F on 12/12)

This helps a few things:
1- it reinforces for group members that they should do face-to-face meetings with guests
2- if they are a prospective member then it allows you as the recruitment chair to know who has meet with them to solicit feedback on their potential as a member

It is a great practice to do as a group!
Question #3 (setting goals/expectations for next year)
I wanted to touch base with you, and thank you for hanging out with us this week. I’m looking forward to 2018 and what we can accomplish. The chemistry is coming together and the atmosphere is encouraging. The only concern I have is what you spoke to me about at the get together earlier this week. I only received 2 leads in the first 6 months I’ve been in the group. I will have to evaluate where my business is coming from and my goals for 2018 and I will need to see 5-7 closings and that will represent 15% of my business. Is that expecting too much from the group? I’m confident something will come from the group as I know a few other realtors in our office have had a great runs in their groups.  So I believe it will be encouraging moving forward, your thoughts?

My response:
I enjoyed hanging out with your group.  I enjoy getting to see groups in a social setting.   Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas.  

I look at your question from two perspectives.  I’m glad you asked the question.  If the group stays at its current size (7 membrers) I think it is an unrealistic goal.  The manpower just isn’t likely enought to provide you with the 12-15 legit referrals you would need to produce 5-7 closings.

However, if the group continues to grow then I think it is a realistic ongoing expectation. I think you can define growth for your group as:

-majority of members have urgency in creating referral opportunities for each other
-add 5+ high quality members so you have a bigger possible pool of members to give/get referrals from
-continue to build on the positive supportive attitudes that are currently in the group & just focus on getting a little better between every meeting

Individually, I think you should focus on giving more referrals.  Those who give, receive.  The average realtor who has more than one year in the program gives 38 referrals per year.   I think you’ll have that ability in 2018.  You are starting to engage with the program and have some of the pieces around you to do give at that level.

I’m also excited about the momentum and direction of the group.  Keep building on it.  Feel free to reach out with additional questions/thoughts.

Question #4:  what was your best Christmas present this year?

My response:  Time.  Time with family.  Time with friends.  Time away from work to step back and evaluate the past year and plans for next year.




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