Life Changing Events Create Referral Opportunities

Life changing events often times create referral opportunities.  They may be
Events like:
-Having Children
-Divorce (personal or business)
-Mom/Dad grandparents going to nursing home
-Job promotions
-Kids going to school
-Becoming a partner in their company

All members should have a short list of 5-7+ life changing events that trigger referral opportunities for you.  Then, you have to train your chapter members, sales team, family, & other referral resources on what drives opportunities for you and also how to bring you up in conversation in a “non-salesy way.

Make things simple.  You want people to learn to recognize when they are standing in the middle of a referral opportunity for you.  If you’ve helped them out then they’ll want to help you in return.  Work on scripts & examples to train your referral sources.

Ex:  If you are residential realtor you might teach people to say:
I work with a lot of buyers after they’ve (INSERT LIFE CHANGE).  When you hear someone in this scenario don’t say it instantly but a day or two later send a text message or email but looks like this.

“I’m excited/sorry for you.  Usually one of the things you’ll consider doing is buying a house together.  When the time comes I want to make sure you have one of the best realtors to take care of you and your family and I want to introduce you to my friend ___________.  They are the best and will take great care of you.”

Your goal is to always make it easy for people refer to you.  I too often hear people say “I’m hard to refer too”.  Don’t do that!  You then make it easy for people not to refer to you.

Flip your mindset.  Say the opposite: “I’m easy to refer to because…..!”  Then teach them how.

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