How to Build Your Group by Ginger Terrell

By Ginger Terrell, Regional Director The Referrals Group Southeast
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We believe focus and attention should be spent on inviting the right people to the table. A strong group of like-minded professionals who can naturally refer business to each other is what makes referral groups work and enhances the experience for all members.
Grab a piece of paper and draw a line to make two columns.
1. In the left column write down the most common industries that call you to refer business to you.
2. In the right column write down the services/products your clients most commonly ask you about – what are those industries?
The industries that are not yet filled in your chapter, begin inviting those on a consistent basis until you get them filled. A great way to do this is during the recruitment section of your meeting agenda have everyone send a quick email or text with the recommended  script:
“I work with a few other local business professionals.  We help each pass referrals, share marketing ideas, and discuss business.  I think you might enjoy our format and I will introduce you around.  Would you like to come as my guest to one of our next meetings on either _______ or _________ from Insert Meeting Time/Location?
If you have an industry you need to fill but don’t personally know someone, first ask your group members. If they don’t have a contact, let your Referrals Group Area Director know – perhaps they can make a connection for you.

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