Groups often ask me for advice and tips on how to handle things as their guest volume grows.  Some groups borderline freak out and don’t know how to handle a lot of guests.  Don’t freak out.  Your chapter meeting agenda is built to handle guests providing that you run a timer to keep things moving along.

Keep in mind that….. 

Not every guest that attends will be a good fit for your group.  Don’t overthink it.  Guests are potential customers & connectors first….secondarily they are prospective members. As you go into a potential high visitor traffic stage I recommend 3 things:

  • Focus even more on referring to each other Continue doing face-to-face meetings & certainly log/close out all referrals in the system.  Make yourself look good in front of your guests!
  • Have a high attendance rate (90%)
  • Run good meetings, be yourself, & have fun.

Guests= opportunity  Whether in the form of a future referral source as a new member or a just a new contact.