Guest to Member….The 9 steps that typically happen

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I get asked a lot, what are the steps normally involved in guests becoming members?  Or what should it look like?  Let’s run through the 9 steps that are normally involved .

1.       They Get invited
It starts with an invitation.  Guests don’t show up on their own.  Our groups operate by invitation only so everyone that visits a meeting is invited by a member or someone from The Referrals Group.
Also…how do you invite someone.  I recommend keeping it simple.  Usually something like:

“I work with a few other local business professionals.  We help each pass referrals, share marketing ideas, and discuss business.  I think you might enjoy our format.  Will you come  as my guest on______?”

2.       Once they confirm register them to attend the meeting
-You can do this here:
-or members can quick register from the Recruitment tab

3.       They get a confirmation email that they can add to their calendar & they also receive the Meeting Reminder email the day prior to the meeting to prep them for their visit.

4.       They attend the meeting

 5.       Face-to-Face Meeting
*Ideally with someone other than the person who invited them.
**You might initiate that by reaching out to the guest and saying something like:

“Nice to meet you at our The Referrals Group meeting.  I’d like to learn more about you and your business.  You open to meeting up for (coffee/lunch/etc.)?

***Remember guests are prospective connectors & customers before they are prospective members.  Treat them accordingly & don’t sale them on the process.  Get to know them.

6.       Another Visit (or more)
If they like it, then they’ll come back for a 2nd visit (or 3rd)
*remember to invite the guest back.  They don’t always know if they can come back without an invitation.

7.       ASK if they are interested
Someone in the group asks: “Do you think membership our The Referrals Group chapter is something you want to pursue?  If so, let’s talk about the next steps.”

8.       Group Decision
If they want to pursue it.  Talk with the Chairman/Recruitment chair so they can initiate either:

  • A membership interview
  • A membership vote

*different groups extend offers different ways.  If you don’t know how you approach reference your group bylaws or ask your Chairman.

9.       If approved for membership….Then they’ll
-Have their new member onboard meeting scheduled with The Referrals Group representative to onboard them as a new member.  We block time to do a new member meeting/call (we prefer face-to-face) with all of our new members.
-The purpose is to go over best practices, teach you how to use, get your first presentation/BIO started, and answer questions.  We’ve experienced that doing these shorten the learning curve for new members and puts them in the best spot to succeed!


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