Growth Tips

1- Set a goal and have realistic expectations

-a good ratio to expect is that  1 out of 7 prospective new members will be a good fit for your group.
-guests who were pre-registered showed up to 88% of those meetings last year.
-set a target:   ____visitors per month= ____ invites per month or ____ invites per member

2- Select a “Recruiting Coordinator” who:

-Keeps track of prospective targets and drives a conversation at each meeting.
-Add, Edit, Remove, and update notes in the Recruitment tab at each meeting.

3- When a guest visits

-make them feel welcome
-Guests are prospective referral sources and customers first.  Secondarily, they are prospective new members.
-1 or 2 members other than the member who invited them should reach out to them to setup a face-to-face meeting.

4- Don’t sacrifice quality for quantity.  Quality produces quantity.  Plan for some natural turnover and attrition.  Make your focus on adding people that add value.  Take your time and get to know them to make sure they fit and don’t be scared to say no if they don’t.

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