Great points from Mass tonight (on FB live)

Normally the boys, Meg, and as often as I can attend the Friday morning all school mass at Christ The King School where our kids go to school.  This morning we slept in and missed the Facebook Live broadcast.  So tonight on the recommendation of some of our friends we watched the mass from St. Barnabas Church (Bronx, NY).  It was great.  If you want to watch a mass from them go here:

The message from theirpriest was direct & reasonated with us.  So, I thought I’d share because there are a lot of tips that we can all learn from it during this different times.

4 Big Things:
1- Move from I to we
2- Stay in contact.  Don’t leave anyone abandoned. We need it now more than ever!
3- Respect for the truth
4- Pray for our scientists, physicians, nurses, and politicians

We all have health & financial concerns or hardships.  No one is left untouched.  Have compassion.   Also, maybe we have all been blind to all the gifts & beauty that has been laid at our feet.  Perhaps God has  given us an opportunity to take a different perception.

– Gratitude
– Service

Remember to give give thanks amidst our fears & our worries.

Each day spend time:
1- Saying thanks for 3 things you are grateful
2- Reaching out to 3 others to see how they are doing

Stay safe, stay healthy, say thanks, and reach out to 3 others to see how they are doing!

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