Not Getting Enough Referrals

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I often get asked, “Why am I not getting referrals?”

It takes me back about a decade ago when  I was working with someone in a group.  In year one, he got one referral.  They didn’t trust him yet.  In year two, he got a lot more referrals including a HUGE referral that resulted in a over a $30,000 commission.  In year 3 it snowballed….he got a ton of referrals.  He is still in the same group today.

It takes some members longer to get results than others, but the process is the same for all.

Goal #1 Build relationships and trust.  You do this by:
-Being clear in your presentations, face-to-face meetings, and 30-90 second commercials weekly about how we can help   you.  Be prepared.  It matters. People notice if you aren’t.
-Being realistic.  Trust and relationships take time.  It won’t happen in 4-6 months.
-Doing what you say you will do
-Activity:  Attend the meetings.  Do face-to-face meetings.  Follow-up on referrals in a timely manner.
-Give referrals to get referrals.

You slow/damage the relationships building process by:
– Missing a lot of meetings
– Not logging referrals using the software.
*Logging referrals drives dialog.  Dialog creates future opportunities. 
-Being late (to regular meetings, face-to-face meetings) consistently does a few negative things:
1- Hurts groups trying to grow, because it sets a negative first impression for guests
2- Sends the message that you’ll also so up late to appointments you get from referrals we pass you
                                     Neither is a good look for you! 
– Having a short-term mindset
– Rescheduling a lot of face-to-face meetings
– Not using member marketing planner
– Acting like you are more important or your time is more valuable than other members.  It crushes your reputation.

Goal #2– Once strong relationships are established focus on pro-actively promoting each other.
-Use your marketing plan to find ways you can create repeatable processes to actively promote other individual members.
-Track your results.
-See how things are working with key referral source members at least quarterly.
-Continue to find ways to motivate your referral sources.  Remember to always say thank you.




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