A competitor has been making some calls to a few of our members lately.  The members they’ve called happen to be also part of their organization & ours.  They are telling them that they have to choose us or them.  The reality is….you don’t.   We won’t make you choose.

We know that:
1. Entrepreneurs by nature don’t like being told what to do.  Our role is to help you find other entrepreneurs to run with at a high level.
2. It isn’t our business to tell you how, when, and where you can grow your business.
*You want to be in two groups…great. Go do it! You want to be in 20. Great, go do it. If you have the time, talent, & ability to do it who are we to tell you not to do it.
3.  We ain’t the networking police.  We are here to help you.
4. Competition is good.  It makes us all better.  We welcome it!

Go grow your business.  We are here to cheerlead you on and help you.  There is plenty to go around!