Don’t let the 5th week of the month mess you up

A large portion of our groups meet twice a month.  A common question that comes up when we are building groups is what we do if there are 5 (insert day:  ex: Wednesdays) in the month?    Well if you meet the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of each month then you simply have a 3 week gap on those 2-4 months per year where you have 5 Wednesdays.

The problem becomes is that we are creatures of habit.  I was at Winchell’s restaurant in Lexington on a the 5th Wednesday of March to meet with a group for a big face-to-face meeting.  We have another group that meets the 1st & 3rd Wednesday there from 12-1:30pm.  While I was there 4 of their members showed up.

All of them are very busy people.  The group is a priority for them.  They just knew it had been two weeks since their last meeting and showed up.  The only problem is there wasn’t a meeting that day for them.  They lost an income producing meeting slot.  It always causes some frustration even if it was a simple mistake.

Tip to prevent showing up on the 5th day of the month
In your calendar create two “recurring monthly meetings” for your The Referrals Group meeting.

1-You’d add a new calendar event.  Then hit recurring monthly on the 1st (insert day) of the month.
2- Then repeat for the 3rd (insert day) of the month.

If you use outlook here is how to to this.  If gmail, instead of recurrence it is called “repeat”.

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