Creating Success in your Group- Interview with Brad Schooler

This education blog content comes from an interview with Brad Schooler a mortgage lender.  Brad has been in two groups in (Lex19 & a group that failed).  In this interview he talks about his successes & what makes a group thrive from his perspective.

Question 1(Bart):  Brad, you’ve had great success since becoming a member.  You’ve given 46 referrals in the last 6 months which is great!  What do you do that works? 

“I go into each chapter & face-to-face meeting looking to help others.  I ask myself ‘How can I sell for them?’  I’ve found that when I help others & invest in helping them that they ‘feel that’.  It becomes contagious and makes everyone want to help each other!”

Question 2(Bart):  You were in a failed group and now in a thriving group.  What is the difference?  


“I was in a group that failed previously.  All good people that I loved individually. I got some great referrals, but we didn’t run the meetings the right way.  Attending felt like a chore .  We just went through the motions.

I’m in a group now that does things the right way.  I love going! It gives me energy. When a group runs the program the right way it puts you in position to thrive & succeed.  Good meetings feed energy into the members and make it easier for everyone to want to contribute.  Running things the right way means so much to the success of a group.”

Question 3(Bart):  You’ve been in a group now for over 5+ years.  You got in a group right when you became a lender.  How have things worked?

“I got 3 referrals that closed in the first 10 months.  They were good referrals that I appreciated, but not necessarily the volume I wanted.  One of the 3 referrals was a Center of Influence (COI) introduction referral.  That has become a HUGE referral for me.  It gave me access to 190+ realtors and has created spinoff referrals that over time has generated 60+% of my business.

“In the first 6 months (2018) of my current group I’d received 15+ referrals. ”


(Brad talking about Face-2-Face approach)

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