COVID & how some groups are excelling right now

We have groups doing great meeting only in-person.   We have groups doing great on Zoom only(I hate Zoom, but it is working).  We have a few groups making the hybrid meeting route work semi-productive, but are most are really struggling with the hybrid style meeting.   Currently I’m recommending for most of our groups that they avoid the hybrid route.
Our groups excelling have a few things in common:
1- Face-to-Face meetings are up across the board
2- Meeting attendance rate is around 90%
3- Referral volume & guests are up as a result of #1 & #2
My suggestion….pick one route on the venue.  Put any potential political feelings associated with which route the group decides aside and focus on the what you can control.  You can control meeting attendance, face-to-face meetings, &  guest invites.
Also, continue to have fun.  We have several groups running chapter contests right now to drive the activities that drive referrals (F-2-F meetings, attendance, guests, etc)
Other tips: 
1-Do Face-to-Face meetings 
-if you feel like they are getting stale……I recommend setting them for 25-30 minutes.  The faster pace forces you to be more focused and get down to business quicker.
-I recommend hammering #’s 5,6, & 9 from our face-to-face guide.  Go to “Downloads tab”– file:  Face-to-Face Guide
      5.  Specific people or companies you want to get in the door. (Bring us a List)
            *How do you want to meet them? Why do you want to meet them?  How do you provide value?
      6. Go over your client process
             *Step by Step. What is the process?  Where can we work each other into the process?
      9.  Tell us your top 3-5 professions that are good referral sources for you?
             *How can we introduce you to them.  Work on brief scripts for each other & take 1-2 shots in the face-to-face meeting.
2- Invite guests
-We had more guests in the month of October than any previous month in the last 6 years.  Guests came to both in-person & online meetings, but they have been coming out in droves to groups that are inviting them.  Converting guests to members continues to be the same process as usually.
-They get invited, they attend, 2-3 members do face-to-face meetings, they attend again, & then we do a membership interview.   Guest to Member Steps

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