Keep Going

I enjoying running.  It is where I clear my head, burn off stress, come up with new ideas (most of these article ideas are created on a run), & in general get my mind right.   Often times when I’m on a run I am either really energized or extremely tired.

When I’m energized I often visualize myself chasing my competition and even run sprints “after them”.
When I’m really tired and want to give up and quit I often visualize my own laziness & complacency catching up to me.  It always helps me pick it up a bit and run a little faster.  I tell myself in those moments  “Just keep going”.

We all have those moments in our life or career.  Sometimes you are energized and chasing hard after your goal.  Sometimes you are trying to motivate yourself to stave off complacency.  Either way…embrace the grind and focus on continuing to do the fundamentals that drive success within your business.

In our groups we spend a lot of time focusing on the little things that drive success both individually and as a group.  They make our program go.  They are these 5 things:

  • Great attitude & energy.  Focus on helping others!
  • Be present at least 80%+ of the time.  Attendance matters.  You can’t run the race if you aren’t there.
  • Log, add notes, communicate on, and update referrals.  It matters.  It keeps your group sharp and forces accountability.
  • Invite guests
  • Run valuable meetings

These things matter within our program.  The fundamentals win out (or get you beat) over time.   You can’t fake the process over time.   I’ll finish with some advice from my Mother.  She always told me over and over and over “Bart, Worry about what you can control and do your best.  If you do that you’ll put yourself in a position to succeed. Just keep going.”   It is good advice.

note:  The picture in this photo is from my oldest son from when he was 6.  It is the only artwork I have in my office.


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