A few best practices from around the area

A few best practices I’ve observed the last few months at The Referrals Group meetings:

1-Share specific targets.  Recently, I saw a member share a list of 175+ specific targets he had wanted to meet.  He then focused on why he wanted these targets and how to introduce him.  It made it easy for the group to create referral opportunities for him.
2- Upload your handout in the downloads tab prior to speaking (by 8am EST the day prior to the meeting)..  It will attach to the meeting reminder email.  You’ll be surprised at how many members & guests will “glance over it” and come prepared with good questions for you.

Referral Section:
1- prep for the meeting.  Log referrals & close out referrals in your account onwww.TheReferralsGroup.com at the start of the meeting so you can be prepared to discuss referrals.
2- Remember that more detail and discussion is good.  It helps other member identify future referrals.
Referral Giver:  tell us, how you found the referral opportunity, how you introduced the member, and any additional info necessary.
Recipient:  Was it a good referral?  Do you want more like this?  Where are you in the process of closing the referral?

Follow-up with guests:  Guests first and foremost are prospective customers & connectors.  Secondarily, they are prospective members.

Recently, I saw a realtor in a group follow-up with a guest who attended.  She simply called them thank them for attending.  The guest said “my daughter & family are moving here from out of state and I really liked you.  They need a good realtor.” A few months later the realtor had the guest’s daughter under contract for a $400,000 house.  The realtor got a buyer out of the deal.  The realtor was also able to work the mortgage lender, insurance agent, & title company into the referral.  It was a win for 4 members out of the group.

The guest had no interest in ever coming back to the group, but who cares they generated an awesome opportunity.

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