Are you holding yourself and/or your group back?

Every group has some members who:

  • Are hold themselves & the group back
  • Are Takers
  • Act “Too Cool for School”
  • Act More Important Than Everyone Else
  • Are Really Busy! (usually they aren’t any busier than you are)

Everyone notices the signs:

  • They email 24 hours before the meeting, “Hey all – Love you, but a client called. I have to be there.”  Message:  Y’all ain’t that important to me!
  • They re-schedule face-to-face meetings on short notice – Message: I have better things to do than meet with you.
  • Take calls during meetings – Message: This meeting isn’t worth my full attention.
  • Show up late and/or leave early consistently – Message:  My time is more valuable than yours.
  • You hear constantly, “Sorry, it was a client!” Message: You’re not my client, and my time is more valuable than yours.

*Note: A few times is acceptable. Life happens. If it happens a lot…the shoe fits.

How others might view you:
Why would I refer them to a client, friend, family member, or center of influence?  They’ll just make me look bad in the end. 

If you currently fit this checklist:

  • Consider changing your habits
  • Apologize to members you’ve wronged
  • Put the meetings for the next 12 months on your calendar.  Show up prepared as if you were meeting with a client, rather than a “Club” meeting.
 *The easiest habit to change is this When a meeting or an event is already on your calendar – keep it.

  • Tell your prospect/client that you already have an appointment at that time.
  • Give them 4-5 other options you are currently open. They will find time for you.

More importantly, you send the message that you value the time of your current relationships and you will also value their time as a client.

I have cancelled meetings with people who were selling to me in the past when they told me, “I already have a meeting, but I can cancel it for you.”

The reason:  I will be on the other end of the cancellation soon.

You should be sympathetic for:

  • Family Emergency
  • Illness
  • A boss controls their time
  • Extenuating circumstances beyond their control

How to address it in your group:

  • Use this education spot (odds are you’ll preach to the choir that day!)
  • Coach people up.  Peer to peer coaching often does wonders. Letting them know how they are perceived by others lets them know that you care.
  • If you coach them up and they don’t change habits – KICK THEM OUT!  Yes, seriously and don’t delay. Move fast.  Consult your Referrals Group rep on the process. Once the dead weight is out, replace them. Be sure to set expectations in the membership interview for the new prospective member.

Remember you can’t fake this program and process.  It always wins out over time.  Our goal is to expose and highlight you. Will it expose you as a Rockstar or something else?

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