4 Big Things for June & July

4 Big Things for the next 60 days

Summer is always busy.  Every season is, but during June & July I find our best groups focus on 4 things to maximize opportunities for success.

1. Be Ready to go
-Be ready to talk about referrals given/received, guests invited, testimonials, & successes

2. Bring Energy & Enthusiasm to each meeting
-Sometimes you need the meeting & sometimes the meeting needs you!

3.Fight against getting comfortable
-Keep a 1st Impression focus & mindset
-Prep for meetings like you would for a meeting with a prospective client

4.Face-to-Face meetings
-Reach out to someone you haven’t sent a referral to in 3-4 months.  Schedule time with them!
-Schedule a 20-30 minute face-to-face with your top referral source to “check in”
-Average 1 face-to-face meeting between each meeting

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