3 Things You Can Control in Recruitment

Things you can control
1-    That you invited someone
2-    You run good meetings
3-    That you follow a consistent process with all your guests and prospective members    Video

You can’t control
*If/when a guest responds, attends, is interested in your group, and if the rest of the group thinks they fit.  For those reasons don’t overthink your invitations.  Just invite.

Let’s break this down a little more….

1-    That you invited someone
We recommend keeping your invites simple.  Something like: 

“I work with a few other local business professionals.  We help each pass referrals, share marketing ideas, and discuss business.  I think you might enjoy our format.   Will you come  as my guest on  ______ or _______ (Insert Next Two meeting dates)?”

Remember to register guests that confirm they’ll be there.

2-    Run Good Meetings
This is simple.  Be prepared for your guests to set a good first impression.  Be ready to go by:
-get there early.  Have the meeting room setup & double-check that your technology works.
-Presenter has handouts on the table in advance
-Members should have referrals logged/updated
-Education & recruitment chairs are prepped in advance
-Run the agenda, stay on track, have fun, and don’t overthink it.
Post Meeting: Thank your guests for coming, set-up a face-to-face meetings, let them know your normal meeting schedule, and invite them to come back.

3-    Have a consistent process to add new members   Watch Video   
Our most successful groups keep the process simple.  They usually require prospective new members to:
-attend 2-3 chapter meetings
-Have a face-to-face meetings, especially with key referral sources. (Members should reach out, don’t expect the guests to do so.  They don’t know your operating style)
-Go through a brief pre/post meeting membership interview and then pass the required chapter vote (check your bylaws for %)

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